LauderAle has gone from a five-gallon bucket to a must-visit treasure, celebrated in Fort Lauderdale and all over South Florida. LauderAle took home a gold medal at the 2016 Best Florida Beer Championships, and a silver medal at the 2017 event. What an adventure that started from a conversation between friends.

Just like every great idea, LauderAle was conceived between buddies over a few beers. Owners Joey Farrell and Kyle Jones stumbled upon this idea one night at a local craft beer bar. While bantering about possible inventions and other business ideas, the one that stuck was how fun and adventurous it would be to own a brewery.

The only problem was they were rookies at brewing beer. At the time, Kyle was a ten-year veteran of the residential real estate game, and Joey was, and still is, a naval architect, working for Resolve Marine, a maritime salvage and emergency solution group. The backstory of the boys is steeped in South Florida and the sea, something their beer carries over naturally.

Now that they had this risky idea they had to come up with a name. How could they combine where they are from with the bold, new endeavor? Ft. Lauderdale and beer. LauderAle came like a speed boat and just seemed too good to pass up. The hard part is remembering who came up with it. To this day, Kyle and Joey still argue over who came up with the name.

The day after their epiphanic discussion, they ordered a 5 gallon home brew kit. They started brewing on a stovetop oven in Kyle’s apartment.

After months of testing and sharing with friends and family, they moved into a garage and upped the ante to a 15 gallon, all-grain system that they custom built themselves. The new system seemed high tech compared to the stovetop one. It included a digital control panel that allowed them to control temperatures and pumps from a smart device.
Kyle and Joey kept experimenting, refining their recipes, the demand growing within their circle and community.

They moved their brewing system into a 3,200 SF warehouse in a small industrial district between Port Everglades and the FPL plant, which seemed like the perfect location for a couple of Ft. Lauderdale natives. Now, three years after opening, they are going stronger than ever, having just upgraded the brew house to 3 barrels allowing them to produce roughly 1,000+ barrels annually.
The LauderAle taproom, with its reclaimed wood and recycled materials, plays host to more events than almost any other brewery, from yoga and brunch to live music of all genres, full moon parties with fire-breathing dancers and much more.


3305 SE 14th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone: 954-653-9711


Mon 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tue-Thur 3 PM – 12 AM
Fri 12 PM – 1 AM
Sat 12 PM – 1 AM
Sun 3 PM – 10 PM