Review: Local Brew Culture and Influence at Lauderale


Worth the wacky Google map trip, A+ saison beer and everyone working was knowledgeable and cared about their craft. beer is brewed, in house in small batch. cool industrial/ somehow cozy exterior. If you like craft beer this is a must.
-Allison Collins, Google Reviews

Loving LauderAle! Great beer, chill, fun vibe from the people to the location all the way up to the crazy large ass ceiling fan in their main bar area!
-Melissa Stamolis, Google Reviews

New favorite place! The ambience is fantastic in this tucked away little brewery. Our friends tipped us to follow the directions on the website not on google maps and we got there without a hitch. The beer is great and the bartender was friendly. Random note: their bathrooms are beautiful!

Will definitely be going back here regularly!
– Lauren W., Yelp

We absolutely LOVE this place! It’s a hidden gem. Kyle the brewer is always here with a kind smile. The beers are delish, original, fresh and cold. There’s a great ambiance: a ping pong table, sexy lighting, dog friendly… All in a renovated warehouse. Beware there’s no food, but usually a food truck at night. It’s only open Thursday through Sunday. The area looks sketchy, but it’s fine! Great crowd- young, medium and slightly older- completely casual!

Fun brewery to visit and easy to make it your local hangout!
– Jennifer M., Yelp

Met with friends here on Friday night. Who knew a brewery was tucked away by Port Everglades?

Good beer, no frills and cool place to hang with friends. Food can be ordered and delivered from a place down the road.
– Curtis S., Yelp

Tried this place out for the first time Saturday night. They were closing in 5 minutes but we called and they said they would probably be open for another 30 minutes. After a few wrong turns (you’ll get lost. I promise.) we pulled in to find around 10 people still hanging out.

Loved that they would stay open late for their customers. We didn’t end up leaving until an hour after closing time and never felt rushed.

Cute place in a warehouse. Open air, picnic tables, ping pong, a bar and beer. What more could you want? Had a great pumpkin beer and good conversation with the bartender. I’ll definitely return.
– Angie S.

This is your chance to see Lauderale Brewery in its infancy. I stopped in January of 2015 and had some problems finding it with the new road construction that confused my GPS. But it was worth the stop.

It is fairly small. I entered the front door. No one was in the “lobby”. I went through the far door past the bathroom and was there. People were hanging around picnic tables and playing ping pong. I saw I could have easily went around to the side where a large overhead bay door was open to the outside.

I went up to the bar and a friendly young man answered my questions about what was on tap (all listed on a large chalk board above the taps). I picked my first flight of four for $9 (let them keep the change, they are start-up). My favorite was the Heisenberg Heffe Weisen. It has a subtle hint of sour probably from the Belgium yeast they use.

They were brewing. The smell of grain mash accented the craft brew atmosphere. I was leaving Florida via FL Lairport which is immediately next door. It took less than 10 minutes to get to the rental car drop off.

So… just come early for your flight, have a flight and check out what they are doing. It won’t be long before they move into the next stages of brewery growth. I’m glad I saw them before they hit the big time.

Good luck guys. See you next year.
– Jeffrey V., Yelp

Come and visit, great beer, awesome vibe and passionate brewers. Not easy to find but worth the hunt.
-K. P., Yelp

Cool atmosphere, laid back with picnic tables, ping pong, and a cool bar area. The beers were decent. I look forward to trying them again. We didn’t have any trouble finding the location and parking was easy. My favorites were the Immigration IPA and the Thrillist Porter.
– Michelle M.

Love love love this place! The beer started just ok and is steadily improving. Try the coffee porter or the SS Stout really nicely done beers. The IPA is a work in progress to me but getting better.

I really like the folks that work here, low key and fun, no beer douchary here. Wish they had packaged snacks but other than that a great place to grab a beer and hang out.
– John P., Yelp

I LOVE this new hidden gem! I’m not even a beer drinker. Imagine if one is a beer drinker – WOW! Go check it out…!
– Lori W., Yelp

The beer is awesomely refreshing
– Kim Jones, Facebook

By far and away one of the top 3 beers I tried today!
– Zelick Ian Gimelstein, Facebook

Excellent time at your tap room. Also thanks to Joey for the amazing tour 😀
– Julian Bautista

This place shouldn’t be hidden away. Great beer. Fun vibe.
– Gregg Letts, Facebook

Drinking like a local is the only life I want to lead! Keep on keeping it simple guys!
– Adrienne Bolten, Facebook

Went to Lauderale for Fathers day and had a great time. The beer is fantastic, everyone who worked there was knowledgeable about beer and could not have been nicer. The crawfish boil special they had that day was out of this world. Cant wait to go back.
– Justin Nepola, Facebook

Every beer that I tried today was great! All the beers were smooth flavorful and no bad aftertaste at all. Keep up the great work guys. I say one of the best local breweries if not the best!!!
– Tommy Seaton, Facebook

This is the first review of a brewery I’ve made and I gotta say LauderAle is worth it. I’ve toured quite a few breweries in my travels with my job and I’ve never been as impressed as I was with this tiny little place in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I wish them the best of luck in their endeavors and look forward to the day that I can buy their beer in the state of Texas. Until then keep doing what you do gentlemen, because it is fantastic.
– Tom Perkins

Love this spot, super laid back, the owner Kyle was friendly and willing to share knowledge about the brewing process. The Sizzler saison was perhaps the best local brew I’ve had to date, five out of five stars!!!!
– Eric Bronson, Facebook

Had a great time at the brewery yesterday! Beers are amazing and the people are out of this world. Can’t wait for next Saturday 8/23. I will be there with The Cuban Press Food Truck, serving the prefect food to pair with their perfect beer.
– Eddy Llamas, Facebook

Awesome staff an a great beer selection, Nice little hangout place! I’ll definitely be a regular I only live right down the street. Cheers see you soon.
– Shane Hansell, Facebook

Perfect pre-FLL stop! Smokestack Stout is superb. Nice & simple, friendly tasting room. Will make this a regular stop.
– Tony Ferraro, Facebook

The IPA is surprising smooth. Not at all hop-forward as is the custom with most Floridian brewers. Like Big Storm’s Arcus, the malty flavors are quite prevalent, with just a hint of the Citra and Summit hops. Quite tasty!
– Don Shuler, Facebook

I see big things happening for this small but quaint brewery. They are just starting out they are starting at a small scale. The place is out the beaten path but worth finding. Side note: the hefeweizen selection had a little too much of a hickory smoke to it but still refreshing. A must try if you enjoy an adventure on finding a little hidden treasure and the rewards are a nice cold brew.
– Wendi Marie Gabriel, Facebook